Welcome to Hispania Hunting

Hispania Hunting is a professional hunting company based in Madrid, the capital of Spain. We are dedicated to organize private hunts all over the country. We are specialized in the Spanish Ibex hunting, although we offer the possibility to hunt all the other big game species in Spain, as well as the red legged partridge shooting. All our efforts are made towards our customers´full satisfaction in each aspect of the hunting trip.


Guillermo Moreno de Carlos Jr, Professional Hunter and Co-Executive Owner; is a hunting passionate since a very early age and an experienced hunter. He spent 6 years living in the USA, dedicated to sports at a professional level. Bussiness Graduate at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL). With his excellent communication skills, guiding experience, family hunting tradition, and being bilingual in Spanish and English, makes all foreign hunters feel at home. His hunting passion, love for nature, combined with perseverance and discipline, guarantees an excellent and exclusive service.

Guillermo Moreno de Carlos Sr., Co-Executive Owner, is an experienced business man and international sport event organizer. He assures all details of the hunts to make sure everything works well and customers have the perfect experience.

Our staff is also composed by people dedicated to organize the logistics; such as transportation, bookings, meals, turistic guidance (for non-hunting companions), etc. On the other hand, we have experienced local guides who know the terrains and assist Guillermo Jr. during the hunts.

We hunt in some of the best private hunting areas in Spain, as well as in Regional Hunting Reserves. We can guarantee that you will hunt the trophies you are looking for.

We offer professionalism, good organization, and the best trophies. You will be absolutely satisfied with your Spanish hunting experience.