Travelling with firearms to Spain

In case you travel with your gun, when you land in Madrid we will be waiting at the gate to assist you with the gun importation process. Previously to this, you would have had to contact with your home State Spanish Consultate where they will provide you with the necessary form and you will have to provide some information as well. Contact us for further information.


Spain has climate variations depending of the area and altitude. It is convenient to travel with the right clothing and equipment. Mountain climate is subject of sudden change, from almost warm to very cold, windy and rain .Therefore, you should pack technical layer clothes to be able to take them on and off at any time.

Trophy Services

We are very conscious about the importance of the trophies, therefore we organize everything so you get your trophy home safely. Right after the hunt we take the trophy directly to our taxidermist who will clean the skull and prepare the skin. This process can take around 3 months. As soon as it´s ready we will take the trophy to the export agent with all the neccessary documents (hunting permits, vet and taxidermist certificates). Each trophy is shipped individually. All this process will take around 4 to 5 months until you recieve your trophy.

Travelling with family

You can come on this hunting expedition with your family and friends. We can arrange an english speaking guide to take them do their favorite activities while you are hunting, such as shopping, sightseeing, visit historical towns and monuments, etc. always near our hunting area. This way, after the hunt we will all meet at the hotel. Let us know your preferences and we will organize everything.

Other activities

Check the “other services” section to see other possible activities to do while you are in Spain.