Big game

Spanish Ibex

There are 4 Spanish Ibex subspecies in Spain. Their main differences are the horns size and shape, body size and color.
Gredos Ibex (Photo) and Beceite Ibex are the main ones in beauty and size offering spectacular trophies. Southeastern and Ronda Ibex are smaller but nice trophies Spain. We are specialized in the Beceite Ibex for which we have 42,000 hc (100,000 acres) of hunting lands. This is the most espectacular of the 4 Spanish Ibex subspecies and the hunting area offers an astonishing landscape. Hunting season: Varying between areas the season goes from October to May.
Hunting method: Spot & stalk.

Iberian Mouflon Sheep

Dark brown-reddish color cape with an almost white patch on its back. The horns grow back and curl around the head almost to a complete circle. All hunters should go after one because the hunt is exciting and the trophy itself is a beautiful reward. Hunting season: Oct. to Feb. Hunting method: Spot & stalk, blind or monteria.

Barbary Sheep

Light brown-colored cape; “V”shaped and curled back horns. They are found in southeastern Spain. Hunting season: From September until mid January. Hunting method: Spot & Stalk.

Balear Boc

Brown cape with black face and legs. The horns twist and spread out to the sides. This wild goat is hunted on stalk only in the Spanish island of Mallorca, in Mediterranean sea. Hunting season: From September until mid July. Hunting method: Spot & Stalk.

Spanish Red Deer

It´s a local spicie found in several areas of Spain. It´s a big animal that can weight up to 500 lb. and carry spectacular trophies. Hunting season: From September until the end of February (best from Sept. to Oct.) Hunting method: Spot & stalk, blind or monteria.

Fallow Deer

It belongs to the “Cervidae” family. Having palm-shaped horns with Spike-like tips at the rear ends. Greyish color in the winter and brown with white spotting in the spring. Hunting season: Sep. to Feb. Hunting method: Spot & stalk, blind or montería.

Roe Deer

Another one from the cervidae family. They live in the forests, smaller than the red deer, the antlers are particulary small with a characteristic double “V“ shape antler. Hunting season: May to Oct. Hunting method: Spot & stalk.

Pyrenean Chamois

It´s a small dark brown animal, cream color face with two black stripes. Small horns that curve back right at the tips. They live in the Pyrenees mountain range in the Northeast of Spain, about 5 hours from Madrid. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Hunting season: October to January. Hunting method: Sport & Stalk.

Cantabrian Chamois

Similar to the Pyrenean Chamois. They live in the Northwest of Spain about 4 and a half hours from Madrid. It´s a beautiful area where you will experience hunting in its pure essence. Hunting season: From May to July and from September to November. Hunting method: Spot & stalk.

Wild Boar

Spread throughout the whole Spanish geography, it can be hunted during the whole year. They are very fun to hunt because they are extremely smart animals. Usually hunted from a blind at night or in a montería.

Iberian Wolf

This beautiful predator has a light grey color cape mixed with black and white, best quality during the fall and the beginning of winter. They live in the Northwest of Spain, in Sierra de la Culebra, province of Zamora. Hunting season: September to February. It´s a challenging hunt in anastonishing landscape.