Red Legged Partridges

Red-Legged-Partridges_01 The Spanish red legged partridge, (Alectoris rufa), is a strong bird, of spectacular flight and very appreciated by hunters. The flight´s speed and height depends of the terrain and the wind. An abrupt orography favors a fast flight, making each drive an unforgetable challenge.
The red legged partrigdes are very extended throughout Spain and they´re hunted in “ojeos” or driven hunts where beaters walk through the brush flying the partridges downhill towards the line of shooters, at the base of the hill. The difficulty of the shots depends of the terrain, and the easiest is the flat terrain, but most partridge shooting enthusiasts prefer an abrupt orography. The most spectacular drives are when there is a cross-wind. Excellent shooters from all over the world, come every year to our estate due to the excellent quiality of the partridges and the estate´s natural conditions.
In a drive, the pace and the variety are very important facts, and in Casasola we can hunt during three days without repeating drives. They are all different and spectacular.
We have an excellent and professional staff; expert beaters, assistants (“secretarios”), loaders, waiters, and kitchen personnel who make each hunting day a great experience.
The shooting day starts with the traditional hunter´s breakfast: “migas”, eggs, sponge cake, Spanish “jamón”… served at our 19th Century country house. Then, all shooters will participate in the draw in order to be randomnly designated with a post number. In each drive all shooters will rotate their posts order. The shooters´ companions will be able to enjoy the hunting day in the field or, if they wish, go on a sightseeing program, horse riding, or shopping.

Each shooter will have a loader and a “secretario” to re-load the shotguns and assist him carry the equipment, count the birds that are hit, watch where they fall, and then pick them up when the drive is over. These birds fly in flocks and fast, therefore a lot of fun shooting is guaranteed. Normally we do 4-5 drives per day (to the hunters´ convenience) and a minimum bag of 500 birds/day. Extra birds will be charged apart. A ”taco” will be served after the second drive (traditional Spanish hunting snack) with drinks. Groups of minimum 4 shooters and maximum of 12.
When the hunt is over, shooters will return to the country house to enjoy a delicious dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Traditional Spanish food, always made with top quality products.
Finca Casasola is located 25 minutes from Madrid city, near Chinchón, and 30 minutes from Toledo (World Heritage Site by the UNESCO). Its irregular orography, thick bushes, and the local agriculture offer ideal conditions for these birds. We shoot in one of the best hunting areas of Spain, and we have been dedicated to organize red legged partridge shootings for over 30 years.


Due to the proximity of three important cities (Madrid, Toledo, and Chinchón), we do not offer accomotation in our country house. However our customers can choose between different 5-star hotels in Madrid, the National Parador of Chinchón (17th Century Agustine Convent), the National Parador of Toledo, with astonishing views over this ancient city and the Tajo river, or other options. Let us know your choice and we will organize everything. Parador Nacional de Chinchón –, Tel: (0034) 918940836 Hotel Condesa de Chinchón –, Tel: (0034) 91 893 5400 Parador Nacional de Toledo –, Tel: (0034) 925221850 AC Hotel by Marriot Ciudad de Toledo – Hotel Cigarral “El Bosque” –, Tel: (0034) 925 285640 Hotel Ritz Madrid –, Tel: (0034) 917016767, (0034) 917016776 Hotel Palace Madrid –, Tel: (0034) 913608000 , (0034) 913608100 Hotel Urban –, Tel: (0034) 917877770